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The staff is very helpful, friendly, and professional. I’ve taken my Chevy HHR there twice. Once for a leaky fuel line, and the second time for major repairs to the front end (not body, but control arms, etc.) as well as new tires. They’ve called with an estimate prior to starting the job every time, and do their best to keep the cost within a reasonable amount. Besides those excellent qualities, they’re also one of the speediest shops I’ve ever had the pleasure of trusting my vehicle to. Both times they’ve had my vehicle back to me within a single business day.

I cannot recommend this place enough. I plan to take my vehicle to them anytime it needs work. 100% 10/10 would recommend!

Derek Ellis - Google Review - 2019

I normally do not leave reviews but I had such a great experience with C&D Auto I felt inclined to do this. First let me say that it is a parental nightmare to have something happen to your child's car and be hours away. From beginning to end the staff at C&D were great. Andy was incredibly professional and kept me informed every step of the way. I truly believe they cared about my daughter's safety and the safety of the vehicle. I am truly thankful and will definitely recommend this garage to everyone.

Cassandra Watson - Google Review - 2018

If you ever get stuck in college park , C&D a family run type place that has always taken care of me never overcharged, always kept me updated on every step before they charged, and even walked me into the shop to show me how to check things or explain the problem. They are phenomenal, and can do just about anything you might need. I drive a temperamental Mercedes, and usually I'm upcharged just because they are a pain to work with but C&D always give me a fair rate and have never been anything less then fair and thorough and patient and understanding and kind.

Ashley Wray - Google Review - 2018

C & D Auto is the best anywhere!! It has been my privilege to assist with automotive repairs for my Military Son. He now resides at College Park and I am a resident of Washington State. My first experience with C & D was in April 2016, when my Son was on Orders, out of state. His fiance was home alone and the Lexus wouldn't start, although the battery had recently been replaced.

With a couple quick suggestions from Sam at C & D Auto, the car started right up. This saved mechanical repair. But had it needed a starter, they certainly had a better price than other shops. More recently C & D has provided awesome service of oil change, air filter, Lexus 90K full service, and inspections all at no extra cost. They even filled the window washer fluid without charge. C & D has the most reasonable prices and top quality work that I have ever known. Andrew is outstanding, and the whole crew are fantastic. They are certified technicians, still down to earth, and nicest people in the business. They are 100% trustworthy, and have life long fans in us. There is no reason to go anywhere else for any automotive services. C & D is truly the best. Thank You!!

Rich Wells - Google Review - 2017

I did a walk-in oil change, which only cost $35 including the filter, and they got it finished in less than an hour, while also checking for other maintenance issues.

Customer service was excellent, as they personally took my info rather than having me fill out a form. Along with some casual small talk during my wait, i also got a run-down of potential problems with my car, and they could easily show me where the problems are (i.e what's leaking, broken, etc).

What made it better was that their rate of repair was slightly cheaper than the avg cost that i dug up online afterwards. They definitely do not over charge, and i have no reason to question their integrity.

100% going to return as a customer, and will be a regular, so long as their integrity stays intact.

Dan S. 10/07/2016 Yelp

This place is AMAZING, I would 100% recommend it. The owner is not only knowledgable but also a humble and honest person.

I took in my car with a dead battery, and after noting it was a two year old car, he suggested I take it to the dealership since it should still be covered under warranty. He basically gave up business to give me advice on how to repair it for free!! He was incredibly nice and helpful and gave me other free advice as well. He was also able to jump start my car, a feat that even two police men and a tow truck operator couldn't do.

Aside from this incident, I have also gotten my oil changed here multiple times and highly recommend it. It's a short drive off from UMD campus and the service is quick and reasonably priced.

Connie L 08/26/2015 Yelp

I don't really know where to begin with this review but these guys were incredible when we stopped in last week.

My girlfriend had an interview at UMD on a weekday morning and as we were driving in from Philadelphia, the car began to make awful noises. By the time we were in the College Park area, exhaust was coming through the vents and metal was scraping the ground. Went to the interview then decided to find a auto-service rather than chancing a drive back to Philadelphia.

The garage was busy but we were immediately assisted by Drew in the office who said they'd take a look at it. We waited for no more than 30 minutes and Drew told us what was wrong with the car, what needed to be replaced, how long it'd take, etc.

Initially we were told the car would be ready by morning which was a bit of a problem since we both worked the next day (and don't yet have a place to stay in the area) - once we told him this, he said he'd check to see if they have the part. They didn't, but he said they'd order it and have it done in a couple hours. Price quoted was totally affordable for what needed to be done to the car.

Since we didn't know the area, Drew recommended a lunch spot downtown and since we didn't have a car, drove us (!!) to the Metro station. When we returned, the car was ready.

By far the best auto-store I've ever done business with. Drew in particular really went out of his way to help us out. We'll be moving to Tacoma Park in August and plan to make this our regular spot for the car!

Joshua S. 07/29/2015 Yelp

C & D came through in the clutch again! Last week, the red "BRAKE" light on my car's control panel started coming on, as well as a message about "BRAKE FLUID." My husband would pour brake fluid in, the brakes would work fine, then shortly thereafter, the light and message would appear again. My husband called C & D and let them know what was happening, and it was suggested he take our car in for a diagnostic. Once my husband got there and the car was examined, the technician determined that the left brake line was broken and needed to be replaced.

The repair would have initially cost $450 plus tax, however, the guys at C&D cut us a break (no pun intended!), and slashed $100 off the price! (Would have been $371 if paid by credit card, but $350 if paid with cash, so of course, husband paid in cash!). Also, luckily, my husband was able to use the C & D loaner car while ours was being repaired. Thanks, again, to C & D for saving us money and saving our car!

Vashion P. 3/11/2013 Yelp

I am an 18 year satisfied customer of C&D Auto Service. I have had several cars serviced at C&D Auto. The prices are great and the staff are professional and efficient. I am delighted to have found such a honesty place of business. I would highly recommend C&D Auto Service.

Ernestine 03/09/12 Yelp.com

My husband and I have been taking our cars to C&D for eight years and we really trust the work they do. They provide accurate estimates before starting work, honest assessments of what needs to be done and fair prices. Their work is outstanding and they stand by it.

Jenny R. 11/09/11 Yelp.com

Dear Sam. I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so helpful to my son when his Jeep needed service. It/u0027s difficult enough for kids to be in college but to be at school so far from home makes it even harder when problems arise. I appreciate all of the help you gave to him when his Jeep needed transmission work. It was a stroke of luck to have found a place that we can trust not to take advantage of a college kid and willing to deal with a worried Mom calling from far away. Thank you!

Joe 3/09/10 Yahoo.com

When I'm looking for a mechanic, I'm looking for guys who are knowledgeable, honest, and charge a fair price. These guys are exactly that.

I brought my 98 Honda Accord V6 in after it wouldn't start and these guys diagnosed the problem, were honest about all the repairs up front (i.e. what needs to be done and what doesn't need to be done), fixed the problem, and had me in and out within a day (at nearly $800 under what I would have paid at Pep Boys). Quick and painless - just how most things should be.

If you want to check out their competitors (as any smart consumer would), then you should. Just don't frown when you come back and see my car ahead of yours in line.

When you've found auto guys that treat you well (and as an extra perk are located a block from the College Park metro), you stick with them. I will - and you should too.

Gary 02/09/10 Yelp.com

Great customer service and quick turn-around. I recommend this place to anyone in the College Park area. The person helping me took me back into the shop and showed me exactly what was wrong with my car - what needed attention right away and what could wait a little bit longer. The recommendations and prices seem very fair.

Employees are incredibly attentive. I've been here twice, and both times I was asked if I needed a ride somewhere or someone to walk me to the nearby metro station while they were working on my car. Both times I walked in without calling ahead and was seen in a timely manner.

Kathleen H. 3/21/2013

I own a 1998 Toyota Camry that has treated me well, but runs into a few problems here and there. I've had C&D replace the brakes, replace the alternator, and do an alignment (which they run specials for). I've never felt pressured to get any additional services, like many other auto shops. They do make suggestions if the car really needs it and it is a safety hazard (like the shocks/struts needing to be replaced) but will let you know if it is something that can wait or something that they would recommend getting done sooner. Their prices are very reasonable and I've always left a satisfied customer. If you are a loyal customer, they will also throw in free small services here and there, like patching up a tire. The people who work there are always courteous and knowledgeable. It is hard to find an auto shop that you can trust- once you find one, you should stay with them. That is what I am planning to do with C&D.

C.K. 2/23/2013

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